RPBoxed Agency

$1.00 / month and a $49.00 sign-up fee

RPBoxed.co agency setup and monthly activation fee.
(Pricing in AUD)

You'll have access to supporting your clients with the following services:

When you start your RPBoxed business you’ll have access to all of the agency’s products/services to sell to your clients. No need to purchase a product yourself before you can sell it, for our RPBoxed members it’s all available to make a commission from instantly!

So, what’s in the box?


This service includes:

– Paid Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Google)

– Social Media Management (our team will create the posts)

– Blog Writing (SEO focused blog content for websites)


This service includes:

– Custom Website Development  (basic and advanced)

– Ecommerce Website Development (basic and advanced)

– Online Course Portals a custom online training portal.


This service includes:

– Logo Design and Creation

– Branding Product Design (Flyers, banners etc)

– Custom Graphics for Websites / Social Media


This service includes:

– Website SEO Audit and full onsite and offsite SEO.

– SEO is also linked with blog content creation.


This service includes:

–  Full video editing service including custom intro’s / outro’s / transitions and more.

– Marketing videos or educational training video’s edited to your client’s brief.

Social Media

This service includes:

– Social Media content/post creation.

– Full social media management

Podcast Editing

This service includes:

–  Full Podcast Editing service including intro creation, and more

– Creation of social media podcast teaser for each episode.


This service includes:

– Custom animations for video clips, websites, social media

– From explainer videos to short clips


This service includes:

–  Basic and Intermediate Online Education Course 

– Go at your own pace learning

When you sell any product through your RPBoxed Agency you receive 20% commission.

Commissions are paid weekly into your bank account.

How do you get started and what are the details?

Plus more!

RPBoxed Agency

$1.00 / month and a $49.00 sign-up fee